Week of April 18, 2002

Action Alert

Senator Leahy Disrespects NY's Heroes

Express your outrage over Senator Patrick Leahy's (D-VT) refusal to bring a bill to a vote that would have awarded the Presidential Medal of Valor to firefighters and policemen who responded to the 9/11 attack last year. Ask the editors of your newspapers and the radio and talk-show hosts in your area why Senator Leahy is acting so cowardly when it comes to the brave actions of the heroes we lost that day. Demand that Senator Leahy stop his disrespectful ways and bring this bill to a vote on the floor of the Senate. It's the least he can do for those heroes who saw their fellow firefighters and police officers fall while protecting others.

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Dear Bob,

Fellow Americans, we are fighting two wars right now. Abroad we fight terrorism and at home we fight the disgraceful and obstructionist Democrat senators.

Daschle is leading the charge to undo the progress made by President Bush by refusing to allow a vote to make the tax relief permanent. All the while Senator Leahy is attacking the courage and memory of our fallen heroes from the attack on 9/11. According to his aides, "'...said he opposed medals for the 9/11 heroes because Congress -- not the advisory panel -- had determined the recipients.'"

Let your local media know that you not only are you appalled by the lack of respect Leahy has shown for the men and women who risked their lives for others, but that you're shocked that Daschle would obstruct permanent tax relief that would help all Americans. Make your
voice heard.


Blaise Hazelwood
Political Director

Republican National Committee

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Spotlight Races

CA-18: Democrat Cardoza's Fundraising Gallup Now a Very Slow Trot

NV-03: DCCC 'Golden Boy' Comes Up Short Two Quarters in a Row

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Site Updates

Bush Tax Cuts Back in Political Spotlight

"The political battle over President Bush's tax cuts is heating up again, with some Democrats calling for killing parts of his 10-year rate-reduction plan and Republicans moving to make all of it permanent..." Click here for more.

Nation's Top Economists Agree, Tax Relief Arrives at Vital Time

"(Federal Reserve Chairman Alan) Greenspan said on Wednesday that last year’s tax cuts were effective in helping the economy recover. ‘They turned out to be quite effective...’" (Reuters, February 28, 2002). Click here for more.

House Passes Abortion Transport Bill

"Right now, a parent in Charlotte, N.C., must grant permission before the school nurse gives their child an aspirin, but the parent can't prevent a stranger from taking their child out of school and up to Maryland for an abortion," said Rep. Sue Myrick, R-N.C. "It's total nonsense."’... Click here for more.

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